FullSizeRender 2The Photo A Day Challenge is backĀ on!

I made it fairly well into 2016, but fell well short of the goal! This year…. I got this! šŸ™‚

What is the Photo of the Day challenge you ask? Back in 2003 I got a crappy Sanyo cell phone with a built in camera – I wrote an interface that allowed me to post the pictures to the site directly from the camera and I was off and running. The point/goal of the challenge is to document the year with one photo each day – it’s alot harder than it sounds and in the 13 years I’ve never even came close. The rules are simple enough, Take a photo, upload it by midnight and repeat 365 times!

My friend and fellow Photo Blog Challenger, Jerel Byrd, in an amazing display of consistency (or OCD, depending on your perspective) managed to do it in 2014 and took last year off! He’s back in it this year! (jerelbyrd.com) My wife AllisonĀ is also a fully recognised competitorĀ – She posts Her photo’s at blogger.com (allisonsthings.com)